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Research Proposal On Contraceptives

In an empirical study [ 8 ], researchers found that for every dollar spent on modern contraceptives in family planning, at least US$4 that could have been spent treating complications from unintended pregnancies is saved, whilst governments also save up to US$31 in health care cost [ 8 ].

  • To assess the source of contracep- tives, respondents who had used contraceptives were asked to give their last source and those who had used contraceptives before and had stopped by the time of the study, were asked why they stopped. Background factors included sociocultural environment, demographic and socio- economic factors.

  • A big proportion (62%) of respondents reported using modern contraception and majority of the users (56%) sought contraceptives from government health facilities. Only 14% from CBDs. Condom was the most used method at 71.7%, followed by Depo-Provera at 31.8%.

  • PIP: 500 sexually active women in Brazil aged 15-50 were interviewed to study their use of contraceptives. For the 350 who used contraceptives, the survey evaluated their level of education, marital status, incidence of pregnancy, and the number of abortions performed. The level of education had little effect on the choice of birth control methods.

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